Thursday, July 18, 2013

Has Anyone Seen These Videos?

If you've read any of my past posts, I have commented on many articles and interviews written for KRLA Beat, a fan magazine put out in the mid-1960's by Los Angeles radio station KRLA.  There are two more articles I found with noteworthy information.

The first was from a column written by Tony Barrow who was The Beatles press secretary.  In the June 4, 1966 column, Barrow talks about all four Beatles often meeting at John's Weybridge home during the recording of the Revolver album.  Barrow said:  "Quite frequently they give themselves a break from more serious work and shoot off some zany home movies in John's vast garden."

The second was a report on the Beatles mishap in the Phillipines.  The article said:  "The Beatles were victims of similar mob action in India where Paul suffered a black eye.  Paul said he was struck by the baton of a policeman who was attempting to protect the boys during the Indian riot." The black eye would have happened on July 6th. or 7th., 1966.  Oddly, of course, there are two interviews with the group when they arrived back in England on July 8th., 1966 and in both interviews you can see "Paul" WITHOUT a black eye.  (For example, check out the video on Youtube:  at 0:04-0:18 for close-ups of "Paul" without a black eye.

 So . . . has anyone seen 1966 videos of The Beatles at Weybridge and Paul WITH a black eye?

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