Monday, June 24, 2013

More On My 12/15/12 Post--Paul's Yellow Submarine?

I talked in my 12/15/12 post about L.A. radio station KRLA's fan magazine article of 1966 that hinted that our Paul was from Leeds, Yorkshire.  Close to where Paul would have grown up, they built midget submarines for use by the British Navy in World War 2 and I speculated that Paul was drawing from his childhood memories when he wrote Yellow Submarine.

I found two more images to post on the subject.
The first on the right is from the cover of the sheet music of Yellow Submarine, printed in 1966.
The top image on the right is a drawing of a British X-craft midget submarine used during World War 2.
 I speculated in several posts that Paul was hinting about things that were happening--or about to happen--in his life in that song and it was very possible that he was also alluding to memories in his childhood.

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