Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Paul Might Be Irish

As I've researched the Paul mystery I've come to the conclusion that in the history of The Beatles there have been THREE active Pauls:  the real Paul McCartney, the Paul that American fans came to know from 1964-1966, and the final Paul from 1966 to the present.  It is difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that anyone would have the gall to try to deceive the world public, but, believe me, I'm not the only one to research this and come to that conclusion.

Occasionally, I'll come across some evidence to prove my theory and I've found another clue (for you all.)

In 1972, "Paul" wrote a song called Give Ireland Back To The Irish.  In a 1972 uncut ABC News interview I found of "Paul" and Linda "McCartney", [find it at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3uD1hZaTXo ] "Paul" had the following exchange with the American reporter [at 10:49-11:00 in the interview]:

     Reporter:  And you say you're British, and, but, ah . . .
     "Paul":     Well, I'm British, yeah, of course I am.
     Reporter:  But with some Irish antecedents . . .
     "Paul":      I probably got some Irish background, yes, but, uh I feel British.

This is the answer of Paul McCartney who had an Irish mother with the maiden name of Mohin.

I don't know how much "airplay" this interview got, or even if it was ever broadcast in its entirety, but it didn't make an impression on Beatles' fans at the time, and, of course it should have.

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