Friday, July 6, 2012

Dr. Robert (cont. from 6/26/2011) and Paul

I said in my last post that I would be writing about what I found in regards to our Paul's identity.  I think he was a World War 2 war orphan adopted by a family probably near Liverpool.  But, before I get to that-- I wrote a post last year about our John's song, Dr. Robert and how I found an interview in 1966 that definitively identifies Dr. Robert as an English National Health doctor.  I think the "Robin, the butterfly stomper" in the animated film, Yellow Submarine is supposed to be Dr. Robert; (the name Robin is a nickname [diminutive] for Robert.) 

In the film, Robin is wearing a t-shirt with the number 7 on it.  (See
image on right.)  I was watching a video on Youtube that featured our John and "poetry" from his book, In His Own Right.  John appeared on the English comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's BBC television program, Not Only . . . But Also.  The program was filmed in late November, 1964.  See the entire segment at:  .
From 5:12-5:29 in the segment, John and actor Norman Rossington recited John's poem, "Good Dog, Nigel":

5:12-5:18 (Rossington):  Arf, arf, he goes, a merry sight, our little hairy friend.  Arf, arf upon the lamppost bright.
5:18-5:25 (John):  Arfing 'round the bend.  Nice dog, goo boy, waggy tail and beg:  Seven, Nigel, jump for joy . . .
5:25-5:29 (John and Rossington):  Because we're putting you to sleep at 3 o'clock, Nigel!
In the original poem, John used the word clever instead of seven.

In my post of 3/3/2012, I was talking about the impromptu song, There You Are Eddie that Paul's replacement recorded in January, 1969.  Again, the whole song can be heard at: .  At 2:05 in the song it sounds like George suggesting that Faul sing about NIGEL, so from 2:06-2:17, Faul sings, "There you go, Nigel, Nigel, Nigel.  There you go, Nigel, Nigel you dog."

Sooo, connecting the dots, Nigel was code for our Paul and he was being abused by a National Health doctor with--I'm guessing-- the real name of Robert.

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