Sunday, July 29, 2012

Had The Wrong "Rose D'or": Here's The Right One

I had a post on March 5, 2011 talking about the Rose D'or song competition in France and how I thought it might be connected to a Time magazine cover that showed a papier mache Paul holding a yellow (gold) rose.  I didn't know until I was reading the KRLA Beat magazine (a fan magazine published in the mid-1960's by Los Angeles station KRLA) that there was another European competition called Rose D'or. 

This one has been held in Montreux, Switzerland since the early 1960's.   The KRLA Beat of March 12, 1966 (v.1, #52, p. 1) said the following:  "'The Music of Lennon and McCartney' will represent the U.K. in this year's [1966] Golden Rose of Montreux contest.  The festival takes place in Montreux, Switzerland throughout the final week of April."  See photo below.

There are several interesting aspects to this information.  The Lennon/McCartney entry did not win an award.  BUT, the winning entry was of an interview with a French director by the name of Paul Seban.  I did a little research on this man and found that in 1963 he was an assistant director for American director Orson Welles' film, The Trial.  In my second to last post I was talking about Paul's day in York, England on November 27, 1963 as reported by two authors, Michael Braun and Martin Creasy.  Creasy in his book, Beatlemania! also says about Paul on that day:
     "Paul was holding court about a film called The Trial which he had recently seen." [!]

I swear, you can't make these things up.  The plot of The Trial is about a man in a nightmare situation of being charged with some crime, but not knowing what the crime is and who his accusers are.  Was Paul commenting on one of the former Beatles in a situation like that or was he fearful that something like that would happen to him?

                                      More on this in the next post   ---paulumbo

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