Friday, July 29, 2011

Paul Was Trying To Tell Us Something (continued)

In the last post I quoted from a short story--"In The Bronx"--that Paul said he was reading when he was interviewed by journalist Maureen Cleave for an article she was writing.  The paragraph in the short story after the one I quoted I think is also indicative of Paul's state of mind at the time:

      "I walked wobbly with my head limp and I did not know why, but I walked and there was fear in me.  I did not know what was good or bad.  I did not know my mother, my brother, or my father.  No one seemed to be real.  Everyone seemed to be acting a part in a play.  I did not understand the reason why life must be such a mystery."

In the short story, it was the boy's state of mind.  For Paul, I believe it was a coerced state of mind.

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