Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Bit Of Evidence That There Were Two Pauls

Cottages and Villas The Birth Of The Garden Suburb by art historian Mireille Galinou chronicles the development of the English Eyre estate that resulted in the area of Northwest London called St. John's Wood.  Ms. Galinou spent five years researching the Eyre estate and the book is a thorough and detailed work [not an advertisement.]

St. John's Wood is where Paul bought his house so I was interested in what Ms. Galinou would write about him. This is what she wrote about Paul McCartney in the Appendix 10, Distinguished Residents section of the book: 

     Sir Paul McCARTNEY (born 1942), musician
     The Liverpool singer, former member of the Beatles, has been based in St. John's Wood
     for a number of years.  He purchased his house there as early as 1966 but did not 
     immediately adopt it as his residence.

Paul, by all the accounts I've read, bought his house on April 13, 1965 and moved into it in late March, 1966.  So Ms. Galinou is referring to the Paul replacement and not Paul.


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