Monday, July 25, 2011

Paul Was Trying To Tell Us Something

Maureen Cleave, a British journalist and friend of The Beatles, interviewed each of them starting in March, 1966 for The London Evening Standard newspaper.  Near the beginning of the article she wrote:
"This interesting and complicated young man arrived in the restaurant for lunch with a book he had just bought.  A costly and significant-looking paperback entitled In The Bronx and Other Stories [story collection by Jack Micheline.]  He opened it at random, composed his features and, in a solemn voice, began to read it aloud:  'Lucie (sic) had no panties on . . .'"

I read the short story and, again, during this critical time period I think Paul was trying to clue people into what was happening in his life.  The Lucy quote I'll write about in the next post, but there was a very interesting part of the short story that I believe reflected Paul's situation at the time.

First, background on the short story.  The character Micheline was writing about was a boy growing up in the Bronx, probably in the 1940's.  He was describing the boy's feelings and his surroundings.

The quote:
"All the time there were forces at work trying to shape my mind, to tell me what to do and how to think, to say this was good and this was bad, to tell me what to believe or disbelieve.  Luckily I had a mind and I was able to hold just a little doubt in my mind.  Otherwise I would have been crushed and shaped into a mind that was not mine."
I think Paul was bucking the system and I think they were not going to let him leave The Beatles quietly.

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