Friday, September 23, 2016

What The Time-Frame Was For Paul Breaking His Tooth

There has been alot written about the broken tooth our Paul had that showed prominently in the Rain/Paperback Writer promotional films The Beatles recorded on May 19th. and 20th., 1966.

Paul gave an interview for the New Musical Express British pop magazine on June 16, 1966 and this is what he said about the tooth:
Paul gave a story about a moped accident--an "accident" that most of the press claims happened on December 26, 1965. But when you listen to how Paul phrased his reply to the NME interviewer, it tells another story.  Paul says that he had "ONLY JUST" bashed his tooth at the time The Beatles filmed the promotionals MAY 19 and 20, 1966.  I was curious about the Briticism "only just", so I
checked the Oxford English online dictionary and they give the following definition of "only just":
 1.1 Very Recently
(example):  'I'd only just arrived back from Paris.'
Now take a look at a screen capture of Paul at the NME Poll Winners Concert from May 1, 1966:
NO broken tooth. And no scar on his lip.
So the timeframe for Paul's "accident" would really be sometime in early MAY, 1966.  And because Paul insisted on showing the broken tooth in the promotional films, I'm guessing the cause was NOT an accident.

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