Friday, January 22, 2016

Another "young Faul" Photo is the online edition of The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper.  In a June 18, 2012 article commemorating Paul McCartney's 70th. birthday--and remember, there really was a real Paul McCartney who, if he had lived until 2012, which I don't think he did, would have been 70 years' old--they had a positively intriguing photo of the current Faul in a group student photo. 

There is no way of knowing where this was taken, when this was taken or even if it is a genuine group photo, but it definitely is an image of the young Faul, so again, you have to figure the man is getting the urge to get his own story out there. 


Hooverfish said...

Hi Paulumbo, If you don’t think its Liverpool Institute then it could be Bromley Technical High School 1950s, now Ravens Wood School, in London, the uniform and tie is the same. This was an all-boys school that specialised in music and drama, notably producing David Bowie and Peter Frampton.

This would be a good place to learn to play and read music and the drama classes would have helped with accents.

paulumbo said...

I just found your comment. I'll take a look at info about that school. But I'm guessing if it was that school, this is a doctored photo because my impression of Faul is that he wouldn't have attended a school like that. My research suggests that Faul has a Romany--gypsy background. So he would have been more likely to be group- or self-taught rather than school-trained.