Friday, January 22, 2016

A Primer On How To Listen To Backmasked Songs

At present it is complicated to put audio in blog posts, but I'll tell you how I listen to YouTube video songs backwards.

  1. Download the audio tool Audacity at: .  As of this writing (January 22, 2016) you'll be downloading Audacity 2.1.1   .  It's free and it's easy to download.
  2. Find the song-video on YouTube.
  3. Click on the video.
  4. Right-click on the address bar (where it says ---et cetera.)
  5. Click copy.
  6. Click the home button in the upper left of your screen and go to: and click on the sample video and X it out.
  7. Right click and paste the YouTube address.
  8. Click "convert video".
  9. It will say, "video successfully converted to mp 3".
  10. Click on download.
  11. At the bottom of your screen it will ask if you want to open or save the song.  Save it.
  12. It will tell you the download has completed.  Click the X on the right.
  13. Click X on the upper right of you screen, taking you to the Audacity icon on you start screen.
  14. Double click on the icon and click on the double square on the upper right of the screen to put the Audacity tool on the right of you start screen.
  15. Double click the files icon at the bottom left of your start screen.
  16. The "This PC" screen comes up with a list of 6 folders. 
  17. If the "This PC" screen fills your start screen, click on the square icon at the top right of the screen.  This will put that screen to the left of the Audacity screen on your start screen.  Double click on the downloads folder.
  18. Click on the song in your download list and drag it to the right and drop it in the Audacity screen.
  19. X out the download screen and click on the rectangle (maximize) symbol on the upper right of the Audacity screen.
  20. The Audacity tool will fill your screen.
  21. Click on "effect" on the top line of the tool.
  22. Click on "reverse" in the list.
  23. If the track is in stereo, I like to listen to it first in stereo and then in mono.  To listen in mono, click on "tracks" on the top line of the tool and click "stereo track to mono".
  24. Plug in your earbuds, click on the green triangle play button and listen the backward track.
It sounds involved, but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to do, and you're unlocking the concealed messages that British groups were trying to communicate about our Paul during the mid-1960's.

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