Friday, November 27, 2015

Other Voices, Part 20 (continued)

The Kinks' Dave Davies, brother of Ray, recorded with the other Kinks a song he wrote called "Susannah's Still Alive."  The song was recorded in August, 1967 and released as a single in November, 1967, two months after The Kinks album mentioned in my last post.

As I said in the previous post (and others), the name Susannah, and variations, are considered by many Paul-Is-Dead/Replaced researchers as a codeword for Paul.

The lyrics in "Susannah's Still Alive":  "She's got a picture on the table of a man who is young and able" was probably supposed to be Paul, before he was replaced.

Reversed, there are no direct references to Paul.  However, the reversed song has:  "The sergeant's slow" spoken nine times from 0:15-0:16 through 1:54-1:55.  Again, there's speculation that Paul had the outline for the Sgt. Pepper concept before he was replaced.  Remember, "Yellow Submarine"'s brass band interlude introduced with:  "And the band begins to play"?

And, I have a still of the emcee announcing the song taken from a Youtube video of Dave Davies singing a live version of "Susannah's Still Alive."  (  )
Look at the photo behind and to the right of the emcee.  Hint?

Whether Paul was actually still alive as late as the end of 1967 remains to be seen, but Dave Davies wanted to weigh in with his comments.

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