Friday, February 28, 2014

Did Our Paul Ever Make It To France in November, 1966?

I looked into our Paul's purchase of an Aston Martin DB6 in 1966.  According to the Aston Martin website: , Paul took delivery of the car in March, 1966.  There is also a mention in Maureen Cleave's article about our Paul published in The London Evening Standard, March 25, 1966, that Paul was driving his new DB6.

I've searched Google images, though, and I have not found a credible image of our Paul in or near that car.  However, I have found several images of Faul in and near the car, including Mal Evans' home video shots of Faul in Spain (probably) or Kenya.
Which begs the question:  Was the future Beatle Faul given Paul's car or was the DB6 purchased for Faul?  The car made it over to France in November, 1966, but it looks like Paul was not with it.

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