Friday, January 31, 2014

Other Voices, Part 13: The Moody Blues' Message To Eddie

The Moody Blues recorded a song called "Leave This Man Alone" in July, 1967 and it was released as the b-side of a single in September, 1967.  (Here the entire song at: ).  The lyrics suggest a man confused and in anguish.  Part of the lyrics are:
          Someone said I loved you, but I can't think where (I can't think where).
          You know so much about me
          So don't stand and stare, stand and stare.
          Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave my mind alone.
          Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave this man alone.

But the most interesting part of the song is heard backward.  Twice at the beginning, twice at the end, and once in the middle of the song, you hear the backmasked message:
          Keep your head up . . . Eddie.

The name Ed and Eddie are mentioned twice by the final configuration of The Beatles.

First:  In the movie, Imagine:  John Lennon, The final John is having a conversation with George: 
     John:  You see much of The Beatles these days, the other Beatles?
     George:  I saw Beatle . . . Beatle Ed.
     John:  Beatle Ed?  How is he?
     George:  Oh, he was all right, but he was just going off on a tour.
     John:  Beatle Ed's not doing too well these days, is he?  Beatle Ed.
     George:  Oh, he's number 5 in Sweden.
     John:  Oh, in Sweden, I see . . . .   (And John gives a big wink to the camera.)

Second:  The final Paul recorded an impromptu song called "There you are, Eddie" during the Let It Be sessions in 1969.  (Here the song at: ).

Obviously, there had been a Beatle by the name of Ed in the group.  It wasn't a current Beatle at the time and it wasn't the original, real John or Paul, so the real name of either our Paul or our John was Ed and it appears that the Moody Blues had been trying to send a message of encouragement to him in 1967.

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