Thursday, September 20, 2012

Odds and Ends, Page 2

Continuing with my Odds and Ends post of July 13th., I found an interesting item about our John and something about the group that I'd like to put out a request to readers on:

                      A SPANIARD IN THE WORKS? 
1.)  In the February 19, 1966 KRLA Beat magazine, there was a small item that said:  "John is building a home on the Costa Brava [Spain] coast."  I did a little research and found that there is a place in the Sant Pere area next to the town wall at the section going up to MontJuic, at 17007 Girona, Spain called (and as the Brits say, wait for it):  Jardins de John Lennon.  It is very likely our John did indeed attempt a home there. 

2.)  In the June 4, 1966 KRLA Beat magazine, Tony Barrow (who was The Beatles' press secretary) wrote that during the Revolver album recording sessions all of The Beatles would meet at our John's Weybridge, Surrey home and:  "Quite frequently they give themselves a break from more serious work and shoot off some zany home movies in John's vast garden."  I have never read any other mention of these home movies and I would like to ask readers of this blog if they know of these movies and have seen any of them. 

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