Saturday, March 3, 2012

Faul and Fohn On Paul and John

I listened to Paul's replacement sing a song, There You Are Eddie that he recorded at Apple Studios in January, 1969.  Listen to it on Youtube: . 
At the beginning of the song, Faul sings about Eddie as a dog:
     You pretend to be in with the in-crowd,
     And you think [later in the song, Faul says "pretend"] that you want other boys.
     But you know that you've been barking too loud, [the John replacement interjects:  "Asking me for money"]
     And you know that I can't stand the noise.

At 1:48 into the song, the John replacement says in the background:  "Yeah, cause it's there you go, Bernard:  he was given away."  So Faul starts the song again with:
     There you go Bernard, Bernard, Bernard,
     I'm so sad to see you go, Bernard,
     Bernard, you dog.
Beatle fans remember that Paul wrote the 1966 song, Woman under the pseudonym Bernard Webb.

So Faul's smirking song was about Paul, and John as Eddie.

Further proof of this comes in a film called Imagine John Lennon released in 1988.  The relevant part of the video can be seen at: .
George and the John replacement are talking about "Beatle Ed":
     George:  I saw Beatle . . . Beatle Ed.
     Fohn:     Beatle Ed.  How is he?
     George:  Oh, he's alright.  But he was just going off on a tour.
     Fohn:     Beatle Ed's not doing so well these days, is he?  Beatle Ed.
     George:  Oh, he's #5 in Sweden.
     Fohn:     Oh, in Sweden, I see . . (Then he gives a big wink for the camera.)
     George:  (Makes a barking noise.)  Just like the old days, isn't it?
     Fohn:      Yes.
     George:  (Makes a little howl.)

If our John wasn't the original John, his real name could very well be Edward.

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