Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Connecting The 1967 Christmas Record To Paul's Accident

I've found alot of information connecting the events described in the Beatles' 1967 Christmas record and the rumor I've been exploring that Paul was involved in an accident near the M1 highway by Milton Keynes, England.

First, I found a track from The Bonzo Dog Band's 1968 album, The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse that connects to the '67 Christmas record.  The track is called Trouser Press.  Some of the lyrics are:
     Well, do the trouser press, baby!
           .   .   .  .
     Give it all you can.
     It's much better than
     A pre-fabricated concrete cold bunker.
In the Christmas record, they sing a jingle: 
     "Get wanderlust for your trousers, get wanderlust for your hand. (Hand is singular:  not hands.)
At the beginning of Trouser Press, there is a spoken word introduction beginning:
     Come on everybody, clap your  hand.  (Again, singular.)

But the most telling part of Trouser Press is at the end where you can here laughter and then the spoken word ending:
     Raw meat!
I reversed the song, and the same passage has:
     HEY PAUL! and then the laughter.

          I'll have a link to the song and (hopefully) the reversed passage and much more coming up.
                                                  --- paulumbo


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