Monday, December 5, 2011

More On The Outtakes Recording

My last post talked about the outtakes recording of The Beatles' 1965 Christmas record and several interesting things I found in it.  Again, the Youtube recording is at:  .

I found several more interesting aspects to the recording that I'd like to share.

The first begins at 0:18-0:26 in the recording when John says, "Bring back the cat, that's what I say.  Bring back the cat, that's what I say, and let's get rid of all these mice once and for all."  Then beginning at 0:29, The Beatles are making their annual thanks to the fans.  John's thanks--from 0:39-0:42--are:  "For coming to our shows and collecting our records."  Listen very carefully to these "sound bites."  Do they sound like John imitating an older man or do they sound like John as an older man?

The second--at 3:34-4:42-- is an extremely sick discussion amongst The Beatles about babies being sliced up and put into meat sold at stores.  Do I think The Beatles were randomly that sick?  No.  Remember the famous Butcher cover that was supposed to have been photographer Bob Whittaker's idea?  My guess on this segment is one of two things:  1.)  Either The Beatles had early ideas about wrecking the image of The Beatles in the event that one or more of them was replaced;  or 2.) (And I speculated about this before in my June 12, 2011 post) that the Butcher cover had to do with abortions, that one of The Beatles had a girlfriend(?) who had had one, and this was their way of wrapping their minds around something they considered awful.  Someone's third guess--that The Beatles were describing something literal that they caught wind of--is too awful to contemplate.

Again, listen to this recording.  It is a gold mine of information.

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