Thursday, April 7, 2011

Before Paul Was "Suzanne" He Was "Bernard"

In the years after Paul disappeared, there were English and American songs that alluded to Paul under the code name "Suzanne" or "Susannah".  (For a discussion of these songs, check out the Paul-was-replaced discussion board: in the "Clues" section under PID/PWR Songs.)

Paul was making it clear in his songs of 1966 that he was heading to France.  There was a woman there he was interested in.  So I started looking into French references to Paul and I believe I've found one.

The French singer/songwriter Jean Jacques Debout (who I mentioned in my post of March 5th. about the Gold Rose song competition in France) wrote a song recorded by the French ye-ye singer Chantal Goya in 1964 called C'est Bien Bernard  (It's Bernard.)  Debout and Goya latered married and they had an explanation for the title of the song (something about a little boy calling Debout "Bernard".  But the lyrics of the song belie the explanation because it talks about Bernard being in a band and my research shows that Debout was a solo singer.)

The most important lyrics in the song are:
     That is the most lucky Bernard of the band.
     But I know that at the start in September
     He will find me well and understand
     That we both can love without the band.
     That we both can love without the band.

In an early book about The Beatles (written in 1964):  Love Me Do, The Beatles' Progress, the author Michael Braun said that Paul wanted to quit The Beatles.

And remember the lyric in Paul's song, Michelle (recorded in November, 1965):
     I'll get to you somehow.

Beatles fans will remember that Paul wrote a song in 1966 under the pseudonym of Bernard Webb for Peter and Gordon called Woman.  It was released in January, 1966 in the U.S. and the most important lyrics of it are:
     And should you take your time and tell me
     When we're alone, love will come home
     I would give up my world
     If you'll say that my girl is my woman.

So it looks as though Paul found his French woman singer in 1964 and carried on a clandestine romance with her.  When people are looking to find out what happened to Paul, this could be another way to approach the answer.

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