Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Yellow Cubmarine

I am reading a book called Palm Beach  The Place, The People, Its Pleasures and Palaces by John Ney (Little, Brown and Company, 1966), and on page 90 he was talking about a Palm Beach resident who helped develop and produce a 2-person personal submarine called a Cubmarine.  (See photo on right.)
Look familiar?  Check out the image of the yellow submarine in the Beatles' cartoon feature  (image on the right.)

The Cubmarine was first marketed in 1962.  In John's song  And Your Bird Can Sing, he talks about when Paul's prized possessions start to bring (or wear) him down.  I think one of Paul's prized possessions might have been a Cubmarine.  But would he have wanted one for amusement or for some other reason?

   Note:  I'm researching Palm Beach, Florida because I believe real John moved to America and settled there.

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