Thursday, April 26, 2018

So You Can See The Differences Between Young Paul and Young Faul

In my posts of December 26, 2015, January 22, 2016 and December 18, 2017, I posted photos I've found of young Faul--our Paul's replacement.  I've found another one (more and more have been surfacing.)  I also found a photo of our Paul as a boy.

If you are a Beatle fan, I'm sure you've seen quite a few boyhood photos of real Paul.  My guess is his family (and probably especially his brother, Michael) got those photos out in public.  Faul himself is probably responsible for the growing number of young Faul photos surfacing.

In contrast, I have only been able to find ONE boyhood photo of our Paul which I think is curious and there is no doubt a story yet to be told about that.

So here are the photos of young Faul I've previously posted and the new one I found and the photo of young Paul I've found.

Paul is the fourth boy from the left.

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