Monday, February 2, 2015

What Bob Dylan Knew

In May, 1966, Bob Dylan shared a ride with our John to a hotel where Dylan was staying.  Their ride was filmed and showed up with other 1966 footage of Dylan in England in the documentary, Eat The Document.  The part of the documentary that concerns this post I found on Youtube at:  https//  .

From 0:51-1:18 in the Youtube video, Dylan, with a little help from our John, says this:

     Dylan:  Tom?  [the driver]  I think I'm going to turn you into Tyrone Power!  As a matter of fact---
     John:  Say that again, will you, Bob?
     Dylan:  Tom?
     Driver:  Yeah?
     Dylan:  I think I'm going to turn you into Ronald Coleman.
     John:  That's better---
     Dylan:  Reginald Young---
     John:  Much better, much better---
     Dylan:  Sleepy P. Weedsrom or Sleepy John Estes.  Oh, that's right.  Robert Johnson.  Would go
                  to medical school like J. Carrol Naish!

J. Carrol Naish was a Hollywood actor.  I read some internet biographies of him, with no mention of his ever going to medical school.  What was Dylan talking about?

I Googled "J. Carrol Naish"+"medical school" and the result was the mention of a 1942 movie called Dr. Renault's Secret.  The tale begins as a young doctor arrives in a French village to marry the niece of Dr. Renault, a prominent local physician.  The name of the niece-fiancee is MADELON.

In past posts I've talked about the French film, Masculin Feminin with the main character named MADELEINE and the 1966 Denny Laine song, Rue de la MADELEINE.

I definitely think there is a connection between the real Paul and a French girl named Madeleine.

There is a theory described in the website: that a Paul traveled to France for some reason and died there.  Although I don't subscribe to the entire theory, if the real Paul did go to France, it could have been because he was romantically involved with a girl named Madeleine.

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