Monday, January 26, 2015

Other Voices, Part 17: The 1967 Yardbirds' Song, "Dazed and Confused"

The Yardbirds were a British invasion group who, in 1967, consisted of Keith Relf, Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja, and Jim McCarty.

Keith Relf took a song called "I'm Confused (Dazed and Confused)" by Jake Holmes and reworked some of the lyrics.  The Yardbirds did live versions of the song, two of which showed up in two releases:   Live Yardbirds:  Featuring Jimmy Page, released in 1971 and Cumular Limit, released in 2000.

The lyrics suggest a man who is abused, tense, and not knowing if--for instance--he is going to be dumped from his band.

Think of Paul in April, 1966 with a publicly visible chipped tooth. 

Listen to the song at:  .

Here are the lyrics:

     I'm dazed and confused,
     Is it stay, is it go?
     Give me a clue,
     'Cos I just want to know.
     Give me a clue as to where I am at.
     Feel like a mouse, and you act like a cat.
     Yeah I'm
     Yeah I'm
     Yeah I'm
     Yeah I'm,

     I'm dazed and confused,
     Hangin' on by a thread.
     I've been abused,
     I'd be better off dead.
     Can't stand the heat,
     And I'm starting to crack,
     If you're out to get me,
     You're on the right track.
     Hey, hey!
     Hey, hey!
     Hey, hey!

     I'm dazed and confused.
     Is it stay, is it go?
     I still love you,
     But I still want to know.
     Secrets are fun to a certain degree,
     This one's now fun 'cause the secret's on me.
     Yeah, yeah,
     Hey, hey!

     I'm dazed and confused,
     Is it stay, is it go?
     I've been abused,
     And I sure wanna know.
     Give me a clue as to where I am at,
     Feel like a mouse, and you act like a cat.
     Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Reversed, you can hear them say PAUL--I count--TEN times, beginning at 1:19 in the reversed track.


Anonymous said...

Hi there.

First I would like to thank you for all this consistent work you did so far.
You really do deserve your Paulumbo title :D
I'm from France, so excuse my grammar mistakes as i'm no native speaker.
I always likes pop rock music but 10 years ago, I was most interested in Pink Floyd, and besides, I never been a fan of the beatles.
Because I have noticed later on that all the songs ive been listening to where exclusivly songs made after 1967.
I dont remember exactly how, but i became interested in discovering the rest one year ago.
As i was listening and whatching live from the beatles from before 66, i have met a band of friends, expressing something very beautifull, that kind of spirit that attracts you, eyes wide open, and it was a real pleasure to watch them or listen to them.
I started to bond with them with a special mention for Paul who was the one I prefered.
As I became more and more interested, i ended up findinf the deception.
So yes, Iam absolutly convinced that the real Paul as been replaced, the only question being how? or maybe why? (even if I have a clue on that one)

I have heard few theories about his death such as car accident, or death in outreau's beach in france.
But the one that comes back the most is indeed the car accident.

Nevertheless, there are some records that are annoying me and makes me wonder if there has not been attempts to make us go crazy by spreading hoax infos.
What im thinking of is : (not sure if you can watch the entire movie in that adress)

This is extremly obvious that this is a hoax, but in the same time.
I came across thinking of what the world is. I know there are a lot of conspirations, the world is not pink, and well, people being incredulous in general, I recon that sometimes, spilling the truth (that truth being so big that it is difficult to believe or not turn into mockery)makes a very good move for the one who tries to confuse the mass.

My point in all that is that they talk here about a car crash.
In that video, they explore the possibility of that story being true and in the same time, in the end, come in contradiction with themselves saying that this was obviously not george's harrison voice. (indeed)
but still, the fact that a theory like that is thrown that way, makes me wonder if there is not a part of truth in it, as nobody is going to believe it anyway. Something like reverse psychology.

Anyway, im probably going to sound silly but by reading your post, and specially those lyrics, I started to shell those up and reconstitute an aventual story out of it which I will describe in my next comment

Anonymous said...

Following my previous post.
In the beginning, when i first read those, I thought there might be kind of a message hidden.
By looking at the verses, I thought it could have been a message to paul from all the remaining members of the group, excluding faul. it could also be a groups message for us who tries to seek the truth.
anyway, here is my silly thinking :

Im going to interpret the lyrics as if every member of the group or all of them (always excluding faul) at once were speaking to their beloved dead friend, or if they were speaking to us.

(Georges or Ringo or all at once to Paul)
I'm dazed and confused, (if you take account for the fact that nobody expected what happened to Paul, then the one who would have say that literally is dazed and confused)
Is it stay, is it go? (would have been something like "what can we do my friend? should we go on with the group, or should be spill all up?)
Give me a clue, (tell me, give us a sign)
'Cos I just want to know. (litteraly)
Give me a clue as to where I am at.(self explaination)

Feel like a mouse, and you act like a cat.(feeling completly distraught, as a mouse whos fate is the hand of a cat) (Im probably exagerating on that one, not sure)

Here is where it becomes interesting.
What if that verse would be real Paul story or what happened to him.
This is how I feel it and again, makes me come to think of that car crash accident.

I'm dazed and confused, (litteraly right after the crashed occured)
Hangin' on by a thread.(life hanging on by a thread)
I've been abused (He realises that he has been abused by those who seeked to see him out of the picture)
I'd be better off dead. (feeling abused, realises that he would be better off dead)
Can't stand the heat(makes me think of the car caught on fire, and Paul couldnt stand the "heat")
And I'm starting to crack, (starting to crack literally due to fire, life leaving out of his body slowly)

If you're out to get me,
You're on the right track.
(now I believe that message is either adressed to us, or to his friends (ringo, georges and john. saying that if they are seeking the truth of what really hapenned to him, then they are on the right track.)
(or maybe its the group himself that already knows the truth who tells us that)

This next verse makes me think that it is John talking to paul.

I'm dazed and confused.(literally)
Is it stay, is it go? (same thing as earlier)
I still love you, (telling for the last time to his disapeared friend)
But I still want to know.(what happened yo toy my friend)
Secrets are fun to a certain degree,
This one's now fun 'cause the secret's on me. (deploring the fact that secrets are generally fun but keeping the secret that paul, his best friend, is dead is now on John and looks like a bad joke that would have been done to him.)

Thank you for reading me.
its probably all bullshit but i felt it that way and wanted to share it.
afterall, all possbility must be explored.

thank you.

paulumbo said...

You have a lot of good ideas. In George's solo songs I am starting to believe he was sort of ruefully thinking back to when Paul was alive and making comments about him as though he were still alive.

The interesting aspect in all the other musical groups' comments is that they seem acutely interested in what was going on with The Beatles and they had bits and pieces of information about what was happening with the group. BUT the British groups were, apparently, afraid to express themselves openly and instead chose The Beatles' approach of backmasking messages to speak their minds.