Monday, December 29, 2014

Denny Laine's "Boulevard de la Madeleine"

In my October 18, 2012 post, I detailed the connections between the characters and incidents in the 1966 French movie, Masculin Feminin and a Paul's--I believe the real, original Paul's--life.  The main female character's name was Madeleine.

In a song by Denny Laine--who later was in the last Paul's group, Wings--released in October, 1966--called "Boulevard de la Madeleine", Laine describes a young man who waits in Paris, in love, for a girl who never comes.

Our Paul might have had a place in Paris according to hints from the Los Angeles fanzine, KRLA Beat.  But I think Masculin Feminin was about the real Paul and I believe that is why the movie's director Jean Luc Godard waited for the denouement of Paul's life before he released the film.

Interesting!  Paul's song, "Michelle" was, I think, written by the real Paul.  If there was a real Madeleine, who is (or was) she?


Anonymous said...

Paul did date Sylvie Vartan, a french woman, around 1965 if I recall correctly. Now I've got to check out Masculin FĂ©minin and see how it relates. Love this blog. It would give me such a thrill to see this mystery solved.

paulumbo said...

The mystery isn't solved yet, but it will be.