Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is This Our Paul at the Ivor Novello Award Ceremony, July 12, 1966?

I found an extremely short video on Youtube that is supposed to be our Paul accepting two Ivor Novello awards for his and John's 1965 songs, "Yesterday" and "We Can Work It Out."  You can see the whole video at: .

As I said in my last post, I've been searching unsuccessfully for photographs of Paul past early July, 1966. The award ceremony was held July 12th.

Again, I have not found any photographs of Paul from the awards ceremony.  ???

Also, see my next post because it's very possible that Paul was around London laying low, so to speak, as late as August, 1966.


Anonymous said...

There is a photo of this event that states:

"Paul McCartney chats to television presenter David Frost at the Ivor Novello Music Awards Luncheon at the Savoy Hotel, London on July 13, 1965."

paulumbo said...

Sorry, I might have been a little confused on this one. Paul was definitely still with The Beatles in 1965. Things start getting sketchy for Paul past the Japanese concerts in early July, 1966.