Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Russian Revolver Cover Is Different and Revealing

When the former Soviet Union released the Revolver album, it had the large drawn images of the four Beatles BUT the small photos interspersed between the drawings are different.

Take a look at the two album covers.  The American and British release is on the left.  The Russian release is below on the right.  The US/Brit release appears to have only our Paul and our John on it, except for the curious photo of a "Paul" with a sharp nose and long sharp chin--seen just behind and below the Paul drawing's ear.  I've commented on this before:  the same sharp-faced "Paul" shows up in a photo from George Harrison's autobiography that was supposedly taken when the Beatles were originally in Hamburg around 1961.
It appears as though that photo is the only one that survives in the Russian cover.  The photos that grace the Russian Revolver show the spectrum of the various Pauls and Johns from the original real Paul and John, through our Paul and John, and then the John that replaced our John.  The only original photo of "Paul" that survives from the US/Brit cover is that sharp-faced Paul and the replacement for our Paul is not seen in any of the photos.  So the question to ask is:  was the Russian cover's sharp-faced "Paul" a photo of the man who was retooled into our Paul's replacement?

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