Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yellow Submarine Revisited

In the search for the truth about what happened to Paul, I have been finding persistent clues involving deep-sea diving or something simulating it.  In several posts--like the one of May 21, 2010--I speculated that Paul may have used--or had used on him--a machine called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (which simulates the atmospheric pressure of deep-sea diving.)  Alternately, I thought he might have owned a personal submarine (see my March 27, 2011 post.)

I was looking for videos about Buckinghamshire made by the English news company, British Pathe and I came across an extraordinary video filmed in 1966.

First take a look at the video at: .  Type French seismic in the search box and you'll find the film titled "30 Seconds News:  French Seismic Tests & One Man Submarine (1966)." 

I think Paul used the song, Yellow Submarine to describe something real that was happening to him in 1966.  The British Pathe video talks about an English aircraft engineer who invented a one-man submarine that he demonstrated in Black Lake, near Slough, Buckinghamshire.  Here are two photos from the video.
Notice that the sub's flag has an X on it.  In my July 8, 2010 post I showed a video where Paul crossed his arms and wrists in an X signal.

The second part of the video describes explosions done at Lake Negre--Negro(!)--in the French Alps to test what was below the Earth's surface.

I think this film is linked with events in Paul's life in 1966.  My overall premise is that there were serious attempts to manipulate and control The Beatles:  a definite conspiracy that involved the British government and the English ruling class.  I think the English media were in on the conspiracy, but made indirect comments about it and I think this film was one of them.

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