Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Important Rumor Worth Exploring!

I was looking for information about Paul being in Paris in September, October and November of 1966 when I found a blog written by a French singer.  He was discussing the Paul Is Dead clues.  The first comment to his article is new information that I have not seen elsewhere and is very much worth looking into.

The man (Michel) said he moved to the English town called Milton Keynes in 1977.  [A little background:  Milton Keynes is a town that was created in 1967 from several other small towns.  It is in the county of  Buckinghamshire, north of London.]  The man said he had heard a rumor in 1970 from his brother that Paul McCartney had been involved in a car accident on a secondary road in the Milton Keynes area.  He said he was walking with his sister-in-law in 1977 when she pointed out a rest home where she said Paul was living.  She said that Paul had survived the crash but had "lost his mind."  He said the people in the area have always been aware of the accident and he says it's only an English problem:  that the English are very strong on covering up (muddying the waters.)

He suggests that people try to get the people of that area to open up about the situation.

This is new information that could be a baseless rumor OR could lead researchers to some of the truth.  (I say "some" because as I've been emphasizing there was our Paul and several replacements involved.  But finding the truth about one man would no doubt open the door to getting at all the truth.)

The blog I'm quoting from is located at:
It's very much worth looking into!  I'll be checking it out.  

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