Saturday, November 5, 2011

Throwing Something Out There For Other Researchers

Sometimes you run across small things that if added to other information might help solve the mysteries surrounding The Beatles.
I found something interesting while listening to The Beatles' Live At The BBC cd.
John is singing Chuck Berry's Too Much Monkey Business and he subtly "customizes" some of the lyrics.  At the beginning of the song, Berry's lyrics are:
     Runnin' to and fro hard workin' at the mail,
     Never fail in the mail, yeah come a rotten bill.

John's lyrics:
     Runnin' to and fro hard workin' at the mail,
     Never fail at the mail, yeah come a rotten [(B)ill ?]  (It's common consensus among Paul Was Replaced researchers that the man who replaced Paul is named Bill.)

Remember Paul's Paperback Writer lyric:
     His son is working for the daily mail.
Alot of people interpret that as the London newspaper The Daily Mail, but I've always felt he was talking about a man who was working for the English postal system.

So if you piece it together one of the members of The Beatles at one time worked for the English mail system and possibly knew Paul's replacement.

Again, anyone new to Beatles research would criticize this as reaching, but it's obvious when you get into the research that The Beatles were dropping in hints, puns and clues into their music.  This might be a slight bit of information, but it might be valuable to someone researching the mysteries, so I dropped it in.

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